Climate Action

Interest in Climate Change started as a business development activity trying to understand the longer term availability of raw materials for the Chemical industry, with particular interest in fertiliser production - a major natural gas consumer. Some simple calculations that formed the basis for the CO2 Balance charts here were confirmed by discussion with an ex director of the Met. Office Hadley Centre for Climate Change Prediction. It became clear that:

  • the magnitude of our CO2 imbalance well out of control
  • the general level of understanding of the problem is totaly inadequate
  • and that without a very broad and clear understanding by the majority of the population governments will not take the difficult decisions required.

This was followed by a year trying to find a viable biomass to syngas (and hence fertiliser) and biomass to power technology. Wood via fast pyrolysis was tantilisingly close but not yet viable without government support. It certainly looked more economic than wind power - but biomass is being phased out of the renewable obligation for electricity production.

This website is part of a commitment to increase understanding of Climate Change. The extent of change required to address this is monumental, and time is running out fast. We hope you find the content useful. Suggestions to improve the information are welcome