Carbon Dioxide Balance

Only 60% of the carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is recovered. The balance is accumulating in the atmosphere at an accelerating rate, currently 1.5ppm/yr.

Chart of CO2 source and outcome

Reference data: Energy use from BP review 2006, conversion to CO2 from BP, land and ocean takeup from IPPC

What will happen in 25 years time? The IEA projects a 50% increase in primary energy use:

Reference: International Energy Agency (IEA) World Energy and Prospects (2006)

So in 2030 CO2 to the atmospehere is likely to be more than double today. Atmospeheric accumulation is projected to be >3ppm/yr delivering a temperature rise around 1 degree in 30 years.

Chart of CO2 source and outcome 2030

How are we doing against our target for 60% reduction from 1990 levels by 2050?(ref: RCEP) See UK Policy.

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