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BP Energy Review 2010 home page
BP world energy data2010 (1.8Mb Excell download)

Royal Commission on Environmental Polution

Energy - The Changing Climate

UK Met. Office Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research

Hadley Centre home page
Excellent presentation -Climate change and the greenhouse effect (3.8Mb) in slide format with notes and FAQ.

UK Department of Energy and Climate Change

DECC home page
Digest of UK Energy Statistics DUKES-2010
Energy Review 2006
UK Energy flow (source and use 0.2Mb) 2004
Energy Consumption in the UK (0.3Mb)2002
Microgeneration Strategy

International Energy Agency (IEA)

IEA home page
World Energy and Prospects (0.05Mb2006)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

IPCC home page
Climate Change 2001 IPCC Third Assessment reports
Ocean and land vegetation are currently taking up 4.6Gt C/yr ref IPPC

The European Environment Agency

How much bioenergy can Europe produce without harming the environment?


US National Renewable Energy Laboratory

US DOE Hydrogen Program

2005 Report (vast)

Fuel Cell Today

Fuel Cell Today

UK Electricity Fuel mix

Greenfinch (Anaerobic digestion)


CHOREN (synthetic bio-diesel)

CHOREN home page

Biomass Pyrolysis Network

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